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Experiencing Irene



I haven't experienced a hurricane like Hurricane Irene before.  We paid attention and made sure we had water and batteries and plenty of food and filled the bathtub with water in case we lost power.  We moved any unattached items outside to safer locations so they wouldn't become flying missiles in the 70-80 mph wind gusts that were predicted.  We didn't anticipate any problems with flooding since we don't live near any waterways and we are located at a fairly high elevation.  Fortunately, we were rather unscathed.  There were a few momentary power outages - nothing anywhere close to hours and hours without power.  As we assumed, there was no flooding in our basement except for some minor seepage under the door because some debris blocked the drain.  We didn't have any trees come down - just a few small branches and twigs - but lots of leaves littered our lawn and driveway.  Our only major inconvenience was that our township road (which is gravel) was washed very badly which left it impassable by car.  However, our township crew was on the ball and quickly had heavy equipment and additional gravel on the site making a way for us to get through.  We are feeling blessed and our hearts go out to those who experienced far more hardships than we did.  For pictures of our view of Hurricane Irene, go here.