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It Started Out as a Foggy Day

We have had a few really foggy mornings recently.  Since fog has a way of changing how the world looks, it's fun to get out the camera to attempt to capture the views.









I guess turkeys don't really care whether it is foggy or not but the fog surely makea a more interesting turkey picture.





Swans don't seem to care about wet, foggy weather either.  This gander pretty much had the pond to himself since his partner (the pen) was otherwise occupied.





As I was out looking for fog pictures, I passed what I consider to be one of the most idyllic settings in our county.



Eventually, the day turned out to be absolutely beautiful with 70 degree weather and some sun making it's way through the clouds.  Even before the sun cleared away the fog, a friend of ours was out preparing his garden for planting.



I enjoyed exploring country back roads - especially the fact that I could stop the car, get out, take a picture and not have one other car appear before I was back in my car.