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Using My New Blind

I bought a hunting blind. Never mind that I do not own a gun. Never mind that I do not own a bow or arrow. I do own a camera. I have enjoyed photographing birds in the past but I have been frustrated by how far away they seemed to be. Now, without disturbing the birds, I can observe them in comfort whether the sun is beating down or there is a drenching rain. I can even read a book if things are really quiet. Some people might say I like it because Hubby is afraid to bother me for fear of ruining a picture I might be taking at the moment.

Recently I spent some time in the blind photographing bluebirds. It appears they are just staking a claim on the property. I have not seen any evidence yet that they are preparing a nest.

DSC 5880

DSC 5869

I did observe Mr. Bluebird swooping in ahead of Lady Bluebird.

DSC 5894

However, I think that if this is the lady he is thinking about bringing into his box, he might want to think again and go look for some other bird friend.  On the other hand, maybe she took a good look at the place which he was offering her and decided to tell him, in no uncertain terms, that it just did not live up to her expectations.

DSC 5908

I look forward to spending more time in the "doghouse" blind watching birds and other wildlife around our house - - - but mostly birds because they are my favorite. I am already looking forward to hummingbird season. We have a few hummingbirds coming to our feeder but it is easier to get pictures when there is more activity as they begin to raise their families.