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Changing Faces of ND and MT

We have driven across the United States several times since the mid-1970s when we moved to Oregon from New York City to take a job.  The northern routes have always been our favorites.  On this trip, we saw many changes in western North Dakota and eastern Montana.  I'm sure some of the changes are good and some - - well, not so good.  Personally, I miss the landscape with which I was familiar.  That's not to say the changes should not have occurred, I'm just saying, "I miss the familiar."  Parts of North Dakota and Montana house the Bakkan Oil Fields.  The location of this field has been known for a time, but only fairly recently has the technology for releasing the oil and gas been available.  The key was a drill which could drill horizontally as well as vertically.  I wish them well.  I rejoice with those who will enjoy an easier and better life because of oil and gas.  I am saddened that some have been hurt and are seeing a way of life disappear.  Mostly, I feel very sorry for the housekeepers who are finding it impossible to win the war against dust in their homes.  Here's my view of North Dakota and Montana.